Civil Engineering

Civil engineering comprises the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and natural built environments.

Subdiscipline Scope Major specialties
Geotechnical engineering Concerned with the behaviour of geological materials at the site of a civil engineering project
  • Mining engineering, the exploration, extraction and processing of raw materials from the earth
Structural engineering The engineering of structures that support or resist structural loads
  • Earthquake engineering, the behaviour of structures subject to seismic loading
  • Wind engineering, the analysis of wind and its effects on the built environment
  • Architectural engineering, application of engineering principles to building design and construction
  • Ocean engineering, the design of offshore structures
Transportation engineering The use of engineering to ensure safe and efficient transportation of people and goods
  • Traffic engineering, a branch of transportation engineering focusing on the infrastructure necessary for transportation
  • Highway engineering
  • Railway systems engineering
Environmental engineering The application of engineering to the improvement and protection of the environment
  • Ecological engineering, the design, monitoring and construction of ecosystems
  • Fire protection engineering, the application of engineering to protect people and environments from fire and smoke
  • Sanitary engineering, the application of engineering methods to improve sanitation of human communities
  • Hydraulic engineering, the planning, development and maintenance of water resources and the application of hydrology
  • Municipal engineering, civil engineering applied to municipal issues such as water and waste management, transportation networks, subdivisions, communications, hydrology, hydraulics, etc.

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